Monitorarm – Hospital HA-305

Hospital Arm HA-305, is a monitor arm perfect for health care environments or in manufacturing/assembly facilities. This long-reach monitor arm is a cost-effective and space saving solution, it also improves the ergonomic work environment because it easily adjust to the person using it. The hospital arm HA-305 has a straight horizontal reach of maximum 1825 mm (182,50 cm.).
This monitor arm is designed to be used in hospitals or dental/medical clinics. Mounted to the wall this arm gives plenty of opportunities to be moved around either a monitor arm for beds in hospitals so patients and nurses/doctors can use it. The mounted monitor can be rotated 370° and tilted 55° to allow optimal viewing angel for the user. It easy to use, can be operated with one hand thanks to the gas spring design. All cables are routed to the arm thanks to the built in cable management and it is easy to clean.

The main benefits of this medical cart is:
Ergonomic design to accommodate the largest range of doctors, nurses and patients. It is designed for sitting or standing work by doctors/nurses and the patients can use it from laying in the hospital bed. The height and position of the arm can easily be adjusted by using one hand because of the double gas spring design.

It can be used with many different screens even widescreen and touch screens with a maximum weight of 6 kg. (If you need it to be used with a heavy screen the HA-325 can handle screens up to 12 kg.). The screen must have a VESA mount 75 x 75 mm / 100 x 100 mm or ells a special mounting plate is needed.

Product description:
• Gas spring assisted arm helps easy adjustment.
• Easy to clean.
• Fully cable managed.
• Can be rotated.
• Weight capacity: 1 – 7 kg. (HA-325 6-12 kg.)
• Vesa standard 75 mm x 75 mm / 100 mm x 100 mm.
• Comes with installation instructions.
• Range 1825 mm.
• Color: White


Mounting Options:
Wall mount
Optional accessory ceiling mount HA-237P

Optional Accessories:
• Wall box HAA-01 – click here
• Ceiling mount HA-237P – click here
• Keyboard tray HAA-11 – click here

More information:
Comes with installations instructions

Hopital-arm-HA-501_5_Complement  Hopital-arm-HA-501_7_Complement Hospital-arm-HA-305_12_Complement

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