Laptop holder CS-LHS


Clean up your desktop. Mount your laptop computer & docking station under the table. Easy access to your small or large laptop with accessories like pull-out rails and rotating section.

Easy mounting of the fixed laptop holder CS-LH.
CS-LH can be adapted for use with both large and small laptop computers.
CS-LH can be operated with one hand.
Easy acces to your laptop with the optional accessory kit CS-31 with pull-out rails and rotating section.
Measurement: Height: 455 mm. Width: 250 mm.
The laptopholder is available in  silver RAL 9006 CS-LHS.

– Silver RAL 9006 (CS-LHS)
– Black (CS-LHB) on request
– White (CS-LHW) on request

More info:
Comes with installation instructions

+45 75 85 85 00